Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'll Wave To You From The Sandy Shores Of Miami Beach!

I certainly did not think a week would go by without any posting on my part, but life throws curve balls.

Besides preparing this past week for my trip today to Miami, I was thrown out of my excited mood when my brother called from Israel to tell me that my Dad, who was there visiting along with my Mom was in a hospital in B'nai Brak.

It's a long story, and I hope to post about it when I am back from Miami, but as for now, he is (thanks to the good Lord) fine, and back in Chicago. Which I am happy about on all points, but also because he and my mother are my babysitters this weekend. So here is to Dad's good health...

Then, I had to deal with Ate and his change in behavior lately.
A cold,
enlarged tonsils,
a visit to his Pediatrician,
an x-ray
a blood draw

all done on 3 separate days really threw off my prepared schedule.

But that too will have to be elaborated on later.

I need to make a meeting with So's principal about her Academic needs, because she is bored as hell and I can't take it anymore.

But that will have to wait as well.

My right hip has been funky since my 12 mile run, so I decided not to run this week before the race at all, which is just as well, because I probably ended up with no time left to do so anyway.

I think that was a good decision on my part, because my right hip finally feels better and the race is in 3 days.

Oh, did I mention I am running a half-marathon this Sunday in Miami?

When this posts, I will be on a plane (G-d please let travel go smoothly ;) to Miami with Hun and Bam.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and don't expect to hear from me - because the hotel I am privy to be staying at charges 15 friggin' dollars a day for Internet I can get FREE almost anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

But now you're down w/ the 2000's and have a texting plan. Better use it WENCH or else SK will be having some serious OF withdrawals.
By the time u read this, you will be back to freezing your A$$ off like the rest of us. Welcome back to reality and all the joy that entails!! Hope u had an awesome time!
- Miss S.

christy rose said...

Hope you have fun! said...

I hope your Ate is doing better now.

And that your father is still well.

Now, off to read all about your latest :)