Monday, December 7, 2009

Blankets Do Not Always = Security

You know how






Well apparently, so does




(By the way, can you believe Bam is already over 6 months old? Me neither, but back to that in a later post.)

After 3 slightly more docile children at bedtime, I now have a child who just can not be trusted with a blanket of any kind in his crib.

I love my night vision baby monitor. But a baby monitor is supposed to give Mommy peace of mind and a good nights sleep. Instead I have found myself glued to the many all night productions, entitled:

"How Many Ways Can Bam Kill Himself With His Blanket?"

Well, he can magically turn his blanket into a Boa Constrictor as he tosses and turns and strangle himself.

He is also pretty good at playing "peek a boo" with his blanket, only he sometimes forgets to "peek" and "boo" and the blanket lingers a bit too long over any breathable orifice. So that would be suffocation.

And of course, why stop there when a blanket can also act as a perfect teething device. Only I don't remember swollen gums being that far back in the throat. So lets throw in, choking hazard.

And now Bam is being punished for his usually quite appealing playful manner and he will be sans blanket.


(I am like the "blanket" Nazi.)

Wanna play a game?

It's called:


Where's Bam? Where's Bam? Where's Bam?

Oh, thank G-d. There he is. In all his "gassy" glory.

I felt really guilty for taking away all his crib "entertainment". So I ran out and got him this...

... a mini blanket with the head of a decapitated bear attached.

I think we have at least eliminated strangulation with the mini blanket, but how long he chooses to keep it on his face or how far he decides to stuff it down his throat is yet to be determined.

So I will probably still be awake watching the joy he gets from doing things in the privacy of his crib that happen to give his mother a near heart attack.

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Melissa E. said...

Our little guy had the same issue with covering up his face with stuff, and we didn't want him to suffocate, so never used blankets. We used one of those sleep sacks instead of a blanket until Nick was about 10 months old. Still haven't given him a blanket; he just wears a warm sleeper. Don't feel guilty; you're just keeping him safe.

Anonymous said...

Uch hes so cute!! You have 3 other adorable children that have survived your mothering skills thus far.
So, Id say going w/ ur instincts is the way to go.
Luv the night vision monitor and I would consider getting one cept for the fact that it appears to make a mother even more neurotic.
- Miss S.

Candice said...

What a cutie!! I don't blame you for being nervous about the blankets. I was a semi-freak about suffocation when my kids were small.

Rayli said...

Alyssa almost suffocated when she was a baby. it was during the day and i was playing with the kids and i thought i heard a sound kinda like a vacuum. it was a strange noise. I went to her crib and she had completely covered her head and turned the wrong way (head where feet were) and was purple when I lifted it off her face. so scary!!!!!!!!

yeshurun said...

haha it does look like a decapitated bear!!

Orah said...

Ooooh - yeshurun, who are you? Do share please. said...

I just want to snuggle that beautiful baby!!!

That new blankey is awesome. I have a feeling he has a new best friend :)