Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Very Ro Update

(Definitely not Ro - but pathetic puppy dog look none the less)

There is one stubborn little bug invading Ro's tiny little body. She spent all day yesterday throwing up whatever we tried to get down, which was not much, including two separate tries at Tylenol. Her temperature was stagnant at pretty much 101./101.+. She kept her water down, so I felt she was not in danger of total dehydration, but when I added in the occasional freeze pop to offer her some sugar, up came the colorful liquid no more than ten minutes later.

She napped well and when she woke at 4:30 pm, she still kept asking about food, which let me know that she does have some sort of appetite. However, the foods she would ask about, no mother in their right mind would let anywhere near such a sensitive belly that was not keeping anything other than water down.

After picking So up from gymnastics class at 6:45, I went off to my local grocer to purchase some ginger ale and all sorts of crackers as well as, those very well received, fever reducing suppositories.

When I returned at 7:20, I insisted that So go to bed at which point I had to deal with So's jealous nature and total melt down due to the fact that Ro gets to stay up and watch "Angelina Ballerina" and So has to get to bed.

Well So, if you want everything the same as Ro, you need to accept the whole package...

Including, but not limited to-

Profuse vomiting

Stomach pains similar to taking boxing blows to the abdomen

Fever causing watery eyes that can hardly see the TV

Oh and..... taking a suppository up the bum.

And with that So said,

"Never mind",

and was off to bed.

When I returned to Ro, I offered her some crackers, which she refused, however, she did drink about a half a can of ginger ale, 1/8 cup at a time and kept it down well. But her fever was climbing - 101.2, so I sat down next to her and started a little conversation.

"Ro, I have a different medicine to help with your fever, because the other one was not staying in your doesn't go down your mouth."

"Well, where does it go Mommy?"

" goes in the tushie Ro."

(Yes, I just need to be matter of fact about it and she will be just fine with it.)

"Will it hurt?"

"I don't think it will hurt, but it might feel a bit funny for a quick second or two."


FINE???? Who are you and where is my Ro? Wait, I am not complaining - how much easier with a compliant child.

It was quick....and seemed painless. I still believe that part of the body is always an exit and never an entrance. But as a caring Mommy and a nurse, I knew it needed to be done.


I put her to bed shortly after and came to check on her an hour later and she was still burning up. She was asleep though, so I just hoped her fever would break as she slept and she would wake up a less miserable child.


She woke up with 101.4 fever.

However, there was no vomit all night, and as I write this, she seems to be holding down more ginger ale and a few slices of apple and has just made me chuckle inside when she asked for a cupcake. Ummmm - no to the cupcake my dear.

My experience with Ro is that Tylenol never works alone without the Motrin. But since, Motrin is Ibuprofen and tougher on the belly, I have been delaying that attempt.

I just gave her the Motrin and I am hoping for some better results, and this is pretty much where we stand right now.

And no, I am not worried about "Swine Flu". She only has symptoms of a stomach virus, no cough, no cold, and frankly, up until now I felt very fortunate that my kids were keeping healthy and flu, virus and strep free. There has definitely been "stuff" going around and I was praying all Passover that my kids don't get it. But I think it was slowly incubating within this whole time...

And I have not taken her to the Doctor yet. Today her fever is higher, even in the morning, and in my experience the sequence of fever and the fact that she seems to be holding some food in now tells me that she is probably at the pinnacle of this unfortunate virus and will probably break free by tomorrow.

In general, I am not someone who runs to the Doctor at the first sign of illness (although if any of my kids start fever with a cough and cold like symptoms - you better believe I will be running to the Doctor, damn Swine.)

If I can not control the virus or she seems like she is dehydrating or lacking proper electrolyte balance, or the fever is not coming down after three days - then we will visit our Doctor.

I never know if this is the nurse in me, or I am just not typically an overly concerned parent ... but it has all turned out fine in the past without exposing my child to more crap at the Doctor's office, just to be told,

"It's a virus - it will run its course."

I actually had some other stuff to blog about, but I see I have some concerned followers, so thank you for your concerns and well wishes.

Here is to HAPPIER posting tomorrow!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, u seem to know what you are doing, knowing me, I woulda rushed my child to the Dr. already, w/ that dang swine running around!!
Great that she took the suppository like a woman! Maybe she was hoping that it would make her feel better!!
Hope the fever breaks today!!
- Miss S.

elisha said...

hope she feels better soon!

Candice said...

Poor baby. Sounds like she's turning the corner, so that's good.

You need to get a stash of ODT zofran for those times when they can't keep anything down. It works great!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I am hoping that by this time, Ro is feeling better. It's so hard when our little ones aren't feeling well.
Sorry that the "tushie" medicine didn't work like it should. I hope the Motrin helped kick it out of her system.
I am in agreement with you about running to the doctor's unnecessarily. I will only take my kids if I think there might be something he can do. Colds and such do not make it into that catergory.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Poor, sweet girl...I hope she is feeling better soon...for her sake and yours.

I've got a 'green' award for you over at mu place. The code is at the very bottom of the post...