Monday, April 27, 2009

A Colorful World

So, even after my snack of two mini Haagen Dasz bars last night, for the second Doctor's appointment in a row, it seems I lost weight. Not complaining, my measurements are still on track, so I guess The child has tapped into my reserves.

Take it! Take all of it, child! Take the reserves, and you know what, I am feeling generous - so take a bit more as well.

There is just no more room at the inn...

Even though I have been eating, it seems I only have so much space for food left, and I have been pretty active. After my appointment today, I took advantage of Chicago's short lived lovely weather and walked an outdoor mall for an hour, at which point the sky started to cloud up and 76 degrees of bliss was disappearing.

As the old joke in Chicago goes:

If you don't like the weather in Chicago - wait a minute.

Although you may like it even less a minute later.

The other thing I tend to take advantage of on the way home from my Doctor's appointment, one of the many local eateries.

And today felt like Bar-B-Q. And here is what I learned about walking into your favorite grease joint with protruding belly in an orange maternity shirt - the owner will feel free to tell you that you look like a pumpkin. In fact, he will go so far as to draw an image of a pumpkin stem on a piece of paper and hold it up to your rotund, orange clothed belly to complete this image of you he has created in his mind. If only I wasn't out of season...

But, I know him, he is not all that bad.

The same time I came in to pick up my burger and french fries, a group of lovely young adults with special needs, came in with some caretakers from an amazing organization here in Chicago. It was obvious that they seem to come in to this establishment on a somewhat regular basis. I figured this out when the owner knew EXACTLY what each of them wanted to order.

"A. will it be the Slammin Sammy for you today, hold the onions?"

"D. You gonna have your usual - oriental chicken salad, cut the chicken in smaller pieces?"

"F. How about you sweety, still want the popcorn chicken with the tangy sauce?"

And he went on like this with about ten different people...

"I know... I know, no french fries for anyone and only Mr. N. likes diet soft drinks..."

So he called me a pumpkin, he means well.

And as I watched this scenario unfold, I could not help but think about the child I hope to meet soon. I still hold my breath with anticipation. I am so grateful to G-d that all has seemed to be going well thus far, and I still pray that there are no sudden surprises, no mistakes at birth, and that I am fortunate to hold a healthy child in my arms. This is just not so for everyone. And I do not take that for granted.

But I was suddenly distracted when an obviously healthy, able bodied, mentally well man came into the establishment to place an order. I guess one might argue all the aforementioned, including the owner who immediately yelled out to him,

"Whoa, talk about stopping traffic."

I mean, the guy did look, head to toe, like a lime. He was wearing a lime green linen suit with a lime green cotton button down shirt and a lime green linen tie as well as, a lime green baseball cap. Other than that, he came across as a completely well individual.

I just wanted to tell him to at least mix it up with one other color -

ORANGE, maybe.

Suddenly, I did not feel so awful looking like a pumpkin in only my mid-section. I'll take partial pumpkin over complete lime any day of the week.

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Anonymous said...

You little Pumpkin wearing, 2 haagen daaz bar eating, shlissel lady!!! Get anything at the mall??
Maybe a shirt that doesnt scream Halloween, here I come??
- Miss S.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Very funny! I'm making a general assumption that the owner of a greasy joint might have a belly of his own. Maybe next time you can make your own comparison...

And I'm not sure anyone wearing head-to-toe lime is all 'there.'

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

That is funny. Maybe it was a uniform for work or something. I can't imagine anyone wanting to look like that on purpose.
I would gladly trade some of our heat wave for your rain (it was in the 90's again today) but I think all the softball/baseball/soccer teams that have been rained out for the two weeks prior to our heat wave might have an issue with my choice.

Shosh said...

Uch. I used to work there and was called much worse than pumpkin. The thing is, he's actually really nice, and funny. Just sometimes, he's not.
But the food is worth it.

I responded to your comment... said...


I never had a problem gaining weight ;)

Hmmm, maybe 4 haagen daaz bars?

Sounds good!