Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reliving More Passover

Let's just get straight to it...

Yesterday, I mentioned the "intermediary" da
ys of Passover. While Passover is eight days long, the first two days and the last two days are set aside for very specifically commemorating the Holiday with the "Seders" and Prayer Services and big meals with family. Like our Sabbath, which comes every weekend, these days come with some restrictions, so we are not distracted by our usual weekday lives.

We do not operate vehicles - so no driving or taking public transportation. We walk wherever we need to go (this encourages a
feeling of community wide celebrating, because we obviously do not go so far).

We do not use anything which requires batteries or e
lectricity in order to operate. All our lights are either set to go off and on with timers or we leave lights on, and they remain on during this time. We do not watch TV or listen to radios. We do not utilize our phones and computers (thus - no bloggity blog).

We also have to find a way to take off of work (those of us who have a job). Many of us have to apply personal and vacation days in order to do this, but these days, religious practice can not be discriminated against (this was not the case 30-50 years ago an
d Jews would actually be terminated from jobs for taking off for Sabbath and Holidays, and had to find new jobs regularly).

The benefit of all these "restrictions" allows us to really focus on the spirit of our holiday without the distraction of .... well .... life.

However, the mid-section of Passover are referred to as "intermediary" days, and while these days still come with
the general Passover applications, such as, only eating unleavened foods and keeping our household and kitchen in accordance with this "specialized food" concept, we do not have the other aforementioned restrictions.

Those who work can go to work. We can utilize our electricity and electrical devices. We can operate our vehicles, etc...

Our kids are still off of school at this time
. Those parents who do not have to work or do not work in general, typically spend these days taking the kids on excursions of some sort.

This year, Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday were the "intermediary" days. (Tuesday night began the second, more restricted days of the Holiday.)

It was nice that at least one of these day
s was a weekend, because Hun was around to spend time with the family. Sunday was supposed to be a somewhat nicer day - weather wise, so we decided to take advantage and patron our local zoo.

Ummm - can you say FREAKIN' FREEZIN'???

The sun was out, but the wind was blowing such
a chill. And we were closer to the lake, so we had that exceptional lake effect wind.

I am a good mother, so my kids were dressed appropriately in their winter coats, however, I lack that same forethought for myself.

We arrived at 12:30 and stayed until 4:30 and for some reason, there were a lot less benches available than I
previously remember. I apparently should not be walking around for four hours straight carrying a LOAD in my mid-section, without enough sitting apparatus at least every 40 steps or so. My feet and back were not happy with me. But my kids were just loooooooooovin' the zoo. Well, not so much Ate, cuz he was going through his - "I will hold my poop back and make myself suffer for no productive reason" phase.

Frankly, I think we were all still tired from the prev
ious days of the holiday and the weather was not conducive to the most pleasant stroll through the zoo. In the summertime, I love the zoo, but this particular day it was a bit of a hassle.

So here is where I post pics from the zoo, except, I have no pictures that would actually have anyone believing we were in fact at a ZOO. We have been to this zoo so many times before and I am sure I have plenty of images of kids standing in front of animal display, lion in frightening pose, or close-up of cow nostrils, but taking those p
ictures again would have been redundant.

And, while at the zoo, the girls kept whining about how they wanted to go to the children area, where there is a lovely climbing structure for them to play on.

So this is what I got............

These are the only pictures of caged animals that I have.......................... JUST KIDDING!!!

This was the highlight of the zoo for them. I had to warn Ro, that once she went in, she had to figure out how to climb through and get out because I was certainly not coming in after her when she got scared (and I knew she would). There were some spots for Ro that had her giving that "Help Me" look - but her kind-hearted older sister helped her through the rough spots. In fact So was helping complete strangers through some rough spots. Of course, not pictured - my smallest monkey - Ate. He was off with Hun looking at beavers or something.

Well I think that should hold you all over until tomorrow. I have another excursion and some very specific family Passover traditions that we re-visited this year to tell you about.

It actually feels much nicer to relive the past couple of weeks than it did to actually experience it at the time. That sentiment might be wrong ........ but it feels so right.

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Anonymous said...

AWHHHH, no luv today!?
Kudos to the very pregnant lady for taking her lil animals to C the animals!!
....and next time, BYOFC!!! (bring your own folding chair)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Thanks for the details on Passover. It was very interesting...some I knew but a lot I didn't.

Love your cute caged animals!

And too funny about you not going in after Ro. It would have been really entertaining if your oldest had to help you navigate the rough spots while you were trying to help Ro.

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Looks like the girls were having lots of fun. I never realized until these pictures how short and light colored Ro's hair is.
They are both beautiful and have gorgeous smiles. said...

The zoo is so much fun! Those 2 look like they are having a blast.

Isn't it funny how we, the moms, end up not taking as good care of ourselved...naughty!

Enjoyed catching up on your blog today!