Thursday, March 3, 2011

Parenting So...... So

Sometimes kids make it so easy when it comes to finding blog material. This one is in honor of So.

So and I had a discussion one day about parenting. She decided she was not enamored with my choice of parenting. Mostly she did not like the fact that after I had asked her something five times, and received no response ...... five times, I yelled at her.

Truth is, she has a point. I hate yelling. It hurts my throat.

So then said that she would NEVER yell or get ANGRY at her kids. I informed her that this was an excellent idea. I give her my full support. And then I asked her to put that in writing and give it to me.

"Why?" she asked.

"So G-d willing when you have kids, I can laugh at you."

And wouldn't you know it, So ran off and put it in writing ...... with some additional points.

Titled: House Plans

1) No tv, ds, dsi, ipod/touch or mp3

only wii

and computer only one hour each day...

Interesting, since I have so far not allowed any of my children to own any ipods, mp3 players or gaming devices and additionally we do NOT own a wii. However, I do allow one hour of TV a day and educational computer play and interaction from time to time so long as I am aware of what they are watching or "computing".

2) love your siblings as wanted to be loved

Very good So. Nice demand. If only we could enforce this law. I do think my kids are actually pretty nice to one another, but they have their moments - including So.

3) No physical contact

Again, would love to see her practice what she plans on preaching, but good point.

4) No insults.

See my above comments an apply to rule number 4.

I will not yell at children.
3 trips a year.
Sunday = Fun day.
Live in California.

Disneyland once a year.
Oh So - this one is so lame. If you live in California you can get a season pass for bubkis and go all the time. Don't deprive your kids.

Always be together.
This one I am already laughing about.

Soda during any occasion.
Can you tell we are not soda drinkers in my house...

4 candies a day.
1 of everyone's favorite course.
Always dessert.

So plans on giving her kids sugar before dinner - at least 4 times a day. Her kitchen will be a restaurant with each family member choosing their own dinner and she will also have time to make dessert. Quite a life for this family, it seems.

Signed for a promise,
So F.

In addition to all of her above declarations, she also constructed a weekly schedule for her kids which spells out the specific homework they will have each day. (I guess she is homeschooling.) It includes one hour of wii after homework each day as she promised. She made Tuesday, family night. She did include some mandatory reading - very forward thinking on her part. And Sunday and Saturday include family game time.

I am sooooooo saving this paper. I can not wait to laugh as I watch my first born daughter parent as the children dictate nowhere near her parenting predictions.

For now, I will just enjoy the thrill of parenting So :)

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Anonymous said...

..classic,can't wait for that post of the future! my mother saved a note from me as a child w/ list of rules too! Aviva L.