Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids HEAR & REPEAT The Darndest Things

I am not kidding when I tell you that the following conversation took place as I was putting So and Ro to bed.

Me - Goodnight.

So - Mommy, I really don't find this pillow comfortable because when I put my head on it my head sinks all the way down like it's just laying on the bed and like there is no pillow at all.

Me - That is why you have another pillow with a sham on your bed. Put the sham covered pillow underneath and then it won't feel so flat.

So - Or Mommy, you could buy that special pillow that never gets flat and has a special space in the middle for your head and it remembers your shape.

Me - (dumbfounded) So, those pillows are very expensive.

So - No they aren't, just 19.99.

And for the special limited time, TV offer it's 17.99

And if you call and order in the next 10 minutes they will throw in another pillow free

That's a 40 dollar value for just 17.99 Mommy.

Me - with this look on my face -


When did PBS and Sprout become more like the QVC and Home Shopping Network??

I mean, they still are ONLY watching PBS and Sprout ....


6 have shown Orah a little love:

adinab said...


I absolutely LOVE that picture and i think it's probably the same look i had on MY face. and i can totally picture it on YOUR face.

and i also totally hate all these commercials on sprout and pbs. i miss noggin which NEVER had the dumb things. estee is convinced we need everything that the tv tells her we should need. if my kids ask me for that stupid pillow pet one more time........

adinab said...

i had to go back and look at that picture one more time. it wasn't as funny as the first time, but i still laughed a little.....

Candice said...

Ha! She wants the Sobakawa pillow! Taylor asked for one for her birthday. Who asks for a PILLOW for their birthday?

Rayli said...

I agree with adina. that picture is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

DAMMIT, I MISS CABLE!!! Wth is Sprout??

You know who (the one WTHOUT THE FRIGGIN CABLE!!!) said...

Oh goodness.

That is just hilarious!!!

And that are killing me!

Missed you!

did I use (!) enough :)