Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wouldn't Horse Hair Itch?

They call this time of year, "Summer Vacation".

I'm sure my kids would agree with that term.

I however, refer to it as......


I'm exerting much energy I do not possess, to take care of children who obviously want and deserve a much more structured environment.


I could use a nap.

Maybe if I sleep, even for only a few moments, in this....

A MATTRESS AT $33,000???

A MATTRESS AT $33,000??

by Anjali Athavaley
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Mary Pat Wallace, owner of Hastens' Chicago, poses on the Vividus ultra-luxe bed that retails for $49,500 (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Mary Pat Wallace, owner of Hastens' Chicago, poses on the Vividus ultra-luxe bed that retails for $49,500.

Made with horsehair, silk and gold, new bedding pushes prices sky-high.

All I can say is - that bed better friggin' DRIVE me somewhere beachy and blissful if I am going to spend 33, 000 on it.

And this is not even the most expensive mattress on the market.

At this point, I would curl up on a bale of prickly hay if it meant I could catch just a few re-energizing z's.


Do these people live in this universe?

Do they realize that there are people sleeping in cardboard boxes under trash and newspapers???

Oh, and I just realized that the picture included in this article is not even the 33,000 dollar mattress.

Noooooo, it's the more luxurious model retailing at 49,500.

And my husband is still without car because he is just coming to terms with how much those motorized modes of actual transportation cost.

Make that mattress FLY, and I just may consider it.

In the category of "stupid" this one is actually asinine.

For the love of extremely IMPOVERISHED humanity,


After that rant, I am further exhausted.

Good thing my lovely Mother In Law took the kids.

I'm off to my reasonably priced mattress.


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adinab said...

it's an ugly mattress too. and why oh why would someone need a mattress lined with gold? that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. i wanna meet the person who actually buys that thing and tell him what a moron he is.

Anonymous said...

Its like the princes, princesses, kings and queens that need to crap on a toilet made from real gold!! WTF, I say. Im just happy my plain old crapper is there for me when I need it.

Miss S.