Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To My Little Men

Dear Sons,

In the "FYI" category:

You do not need to keep YANKING, TUGGING, and GRABBING at "IT".

You do not need regular security checks.

You do not need to keep ascertaining that the thing is there.

It will not fall off.

I repeat ...

It will NOT FALL OFF!!!

It is attached.

Ate - there is no need to share "ITs" presence with us every time you leave the bathroom.

Bam - I would like to change your diaper in a timely fashion. Also I would like grandchildren one day and I don't think you know your own strength...

Just keep your hands above the belt please.

Especially in public.

Thank you.


5 have shown Orah a little love:

blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, that is completely hilarious!!!

Gila said...

so not looking forward to this stage. It could last a really long time......

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA.....sooooooo true, all of it!!! And why do these little boys have to be so curious about it....I think I told u this already but one time T said to me..."look mommmy, its growing...." To which I replied in a quick tone.."NO, IT'S NOT!!"
ME---->IN DENIAL....he's only 5 dammit!
Miss S

Candice said...

Haha!! You should know that this kind of behavior only gets worse as they age.

Rayli said...

when i check on will at night, I almost always have to take his hand out of his pants. so gross. it cant be THAT comfortable to sleep like that. I dont care what they say....