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Orah G. And The Wizards of Daas

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The Story of
Orah G. And The Wizards Of Daas

When Orah G. came into this world, in the great month of “Emeralds”, she was a blank slate. Yes, she had a working brain. And she certainly had a healthy, beating heart. But it would take two wizards to guide her down the “yellow brick road” of life. And all along the way, provide her with the tools necessary to fill that brain with a plethora of knowledge and expose that heart to a myriad of emotions.

Through the many “twist -ers” and turns of life, Orah G. was able to apply the tools she inherited from these two great wizards, to make, hopefully, many appropriate decisions as dictated by the deep emotions that swelled in her heart.

This “yellow brick road” has and continues to have, points that are effortlessly passable and some areas that seem insurmountable. Either way, Orah G. continues traveling this road with the assurance and the security that she has inherited from these great wizards all the tools she needs to manage any obstacles the road may present.

These two great wizards, known as “Maa Wizard” and “Paa Wizard”, have shared their wisdom with Orah, increasing her vast knowledge, and stroking her intelligence, as well as opening her heart to measures of kindness and charity. And they have done so, many times standing far away, even behind a curtain, to allow Orah G. the space and breadth necessary for her to come to her own life’s conclusions.

After stopping along the path of this golden road to pick up a passenger called the “cheese man”, and somehow finding four more passengers (because as the Maa Wizard once told her, “Every time one passenger asks for a TOTO, Orah G. will realize she rather pick up after a cute little bundle of baby rather than a dog.” And Orah G. agrees,) Orah G. looks back along with her traveling mates.

Besides for the very familiar Maa Wizard words that escape from Orah G.’s mouth, such as, “If I have to turn around and stop this journey and let you off on the side of the yellow brick road … I will”, she also reflects and ponders some of the wonderful lessons she has inherited and learned from Maa and Paa Wizard.

Orah G. reflects on the many times that Maa Wizard emphasized and encouraged the greatness of individual thinking, by reiterating the importance of taking the initiative and being a leader and speaking up for oneself in a respectful manner.

Orah G. enlightened herself with the wonderful lesson she attained from Paa Wizard cajoling the messages of charity and selfless warmth.

She remembers specifically, when Maa Wizard took the time to relay a message to her childhood mates about being kind to one another in youth, for the future will bring surprise relationships. And as the childhood mates grew older, they did indeed find themselves becoming related through marriage and intertwined amongst family. Maa Wizard is indeed, wise.

Paa Wizard gave over to Orah G. the appreciation and understanding of what it means to work hard in life. To not take monetary gain for granted. To use it wisely and productively. That you do have a requirement to responsibly take care of the basic needs of your family.

And Maa Wizard taught Orah G. the important lesson of making a distinction between that which you need and that which you want.

Paa Wizard opened Orah G.’s mind to words of Torah - in “Biblical Proportion” at the Shabbat table and opened her heart to the warm feelings that come from a home filled with such enlightening words. So much so, that when Orah G. picked up the cheese man during her journey along the yellow brick road of life, she did so because she perceived that together with him, the same warmth would fill their home.

Maa Wizard has gifted Orah G. with knowledge, highlighting the significance of family and the importance of keeping contact through the fine examples set by Maa Wizard herself as she would make time to visit elderly aunts and uncles, and would encourage Orah G. to do the same.

And this lesson of “devotion to family” allowed Orah G. to EASILY, host, Maa and Paa Wizard in her home, where, from time to time, she received some beautiful words of praise from Maa Wizard, and certainly did not take that for granted.

One of Orah G.’s stops on her journey down the yellow brick road of life, was a stop in Israel, for what was supposed to be a year of learning and growth in a seminary school. Only, Orah G. found herself one of the biggest obstacles she ever encountered. She was, unfortunately, faced with an unhealthy environment, and chose to leave the school. But she found herself lost now and was at a dangerous fork in the road. Her brain was telling her to continue down the righteous path, because that was all she knew. Yet her heart was sending a conflicting message, because she felt pain, and let down by those she had put all her trust in from her same religious background. Orah G. could have easily taken a very dangerous turn off the path. She had her brain, she had her heart, but she yearned for courage. And then it came. Courage slapped her in the face, as she thought of Paa Wizard, who faced the most blatant adversity in his life, and never strayed from his beliefs and religion when probably no one would have judged him harshly if he had. And it was only the thought of HIS courage that gave Orah G. the courage she needed to fill her heart with joy again and direct her brain to make the right decision. And she courageously took the bright and gleaming path, and never looked back.

Orah G. always had a brain and always had her heart, and even her courage was truly there all along. It was the all important Daas that she inherited from the Great Wizards that has her skipping down the yellow brick road of life. And wherever this road takes her, Orah G. will always have the certainty, that whether in front of the curtain, or behind it, Maa and Paa Wizard have been and continue to be an awesome contributing force in her life.

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Anonymous said...

Very heartfelt and cute in showing Hakaras Hatov to ur ma & pops.
I knew you were a peice of work though and you have just confirmed it!
- Miss S.

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Candice said...

Aww, I loved this! Very touching. :)

adinab said...

makes me wish your parents were MY parents (but don't tell my mother that)

Together We Save said...

Very sweet!! said...


I love this. I am so glad that my lonely voice led to this post :)

You are a creative and appreciative daughter and I am certain that your parents delighted in this treasure tribute.

Lovin' learning all about your life and amazing family.



Yaffa/Yitz said...

Orah, your last two posts were very moving. Thanks for posting. I was in NMK's class and the news this week was tragic. May Hashem give her and her family nechama. You put into words exactly what I have been feeling about all of it.

Ktiva vechatima tova