Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Happy Meal!

What makes me so happy about this picture?

Well, I DID say my posts about our time in Israel were done. Which is true. But I never said I would not post about our return flight home.

This is actually not so much about our return flight home as it is about -


I mentioned in one of my posts that it was a treat for us "kosher" eating people to eat at Pizza Hut. This is because, there is no kosher Pizza Hut any where in the world, EXCEPT Israel.

The same can be said for McDonalds and many other franchise eateries.

Sbarro, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger Ki
ng... I don't think Israel has a Taco Bell. Israel is still behind on importing the Mexican food.

There are many facets to what "kosher" actually implies. I can tell you straight out what it does NOT imply. It has nothing to do with food being "blessed" by a Rabbi.

All the meat that kosher eaters consume are from specific animals and were slaughtered in very specific ways by someone who is learned in the area of slaughtering for kosher purposes.

The meat carried by any of the aforementioned establishments do not come from the kosher slaughter houses.

We also do not have eateries that serve both meat
and dairy as the above establishments surely do.

We are limited to the number of Kosher eateries we have in our community. And we have to choose a restaurant by first deciding if we are in the mood for dairy or meat. Do we want pizza or burgers? Do we want cheesy pasta or steak. We can't have both.

So, that being said, when we are in Israel, the world is our oyster (so to speak - oysters and other shellfish are never kosher). We can go practically anywhere and find a kosher eatery near by. And more fun, we can eat at those recognizable American franchises (some, not all of them are kosher).

So I got me a BIG MAC and French Fries and my kids got Happy Meals.

HAPPY MEALS!!! They were so HAPPY!

Hun - happy
Ate - happy

LOOK - A happy meal toy. My kids never get little toys in our kosher eateries.
(note to self - if I ever open a restaurant, offer happy meals with toys in it. But call it "Simcha Meals" so I don't get sued for copyright infringement. {"simcha" means happy}).

Ro may be all the way in the back, but I can see her smile.
Ro - happy.

Uh, Bam's "Happy Meal" came a bit indirectly, but now he sleeps happily in his little bassinet.
Bam - happy.

Mommy and So very very happy.
Even after eating my McDonalds at 12:30 in the morning. (I figured it was 4:30 in the afternoon Chicago time.)

And we arrived Happily in the USA, Mommy and her little ducks - all in a happy row.

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Elisha said...

in a previous life, i enjoyed McDonald's too. I wish someone would create kosher ff like they have!!

Anonymous said...

Im a sucker for fast food and well, all those franchises would be right up my alley. They were at one point, but I shall not elaborate.
Cute pic of you and ur ducklings!

- Miss S. said...

mickey d's would definitely sue you!!!

Glad you got to enjoy your treats :)