Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grief Knows No Boundaries

I just put Bam in his crib, and therefore, I should be vertical as well right now. However, sleep escapes me.

My friend N., only a year younger than me, has lost her youngest son.

I mentioned his situation a few posts back.

He lived only 14 short months and was a typical healthy boy through all of his short months until he suddenly developed a virus which entered his blood stream and spinal fluid.

He ended up contracting viral encephalitis and this caused him irreparable brain damage. He was in a coma, on life support these last couple of weeks. And this past evening, his soul departed from his body.

In the last couple of weeks, this small child accomplished more than most of us have in a lifetime. He had people around the world praying for him, friends, relatives and strangers, people from a myriad of religious backgrounds.

He had people taking on good deeds, such as charity and watching our tongues on his behalf.

His story touched us all, but the final chapter has been written.

I am sad for the life that could have been that will not be. I am sad for his siblings who are old enough to always have a memory of him, but will not have the joy of growing old along side him. I am sad for his parents who will transgress that which is natural in this world by burying a child, who should have had the chance himself, to grow old enough to see off his parents souls from this world.

No parent should ever have to bury a child.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to make it to a funeral, I wish would not be taking place - in a cemetery where rows away is the grave of my sister who was buried by my parents when she lost her life at the age of four.

The sorrow for the family will no doubt be tremendous.
I grieve for them. I grieve with them.
I grieve.
And grief knows no boundaries.

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Rayli said...

tears...streaming down my face.

elisha said...

horrible, there are no words to take away or lessen the pain. . .

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

We will keep the family in our prayers during this impossibly unbearable time. And everyone who is affected by this too.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

A beautiful truly seems unnatural for parents to bury their children. I'm so sorry for your and N's family's loss...

Anonymous said...

Tears streaming down my face too. I can't concentrate on my work (not that I do so much anyway) today and everytime I think about the Cohn's burying their 14 month old precious baby, I start crying all over again. I hope Hashem gives them the strength to get through this most difficult time!
- Miss S. said...

It is beyond comprehension...

you are so right, this is not the order we expect. a parent having to say goodbye to a child.

My heart is broken for these parents...and for you and so many who suffer this tragic loss.

Continuing in prayer...