Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anyone Have A Pitchfork???

I love my kids .... I love my kids .... I love my kids ... I love my kids...

I don't want to go bald, so I must stop pulling my hair out...

I am pretty sure my kids are just DONE!!! They are done with school, even though there are still a good 6-7 weeks.

ALL of them!!!

I would expect this from So. She was done with school by Winter break. She came back in January and decided to stop bringing her books home. I don't blame her. She would read her Hebrew studies out loud to me, without the book, by heart!!

She would go to school the next day and take five minutes and do whatever spelling and math workbook she had, during recess.

Considering the aforementioned, why should she bring her work home?

In fact, I would say she was done with Second Grade before she even entered Second Grade, but I don't want to take ALL the credit away from her teachers (whom I like, by the way).

Ate today just nonchalantly told me as we were entering his classroom,
"I rather just go back home..."

Oh really?


"Because I like my toys better."

He has a point. What will he gain in the next six weeks that he did not already get this year?

I don't need more projects and papers in my house. I keep them around until they are not looking, but I seriously have a fear, if I keep all of them it will lead me to become one of those crazy hoarding, cat ladies.

You know, the ones who can't walk through their home because of all the crap they hoard and there are at least ten cats and their excrement all over the house.

So, besides toy playing and project making and considering he has his letter and number recognition down, what's left. He can hold his pencil well, he holds scissors properly. He's all good. He can enter nursery next year.

And Ro, she actually still loves school. But it's mostly because she gets pizza and turkey subs for lunch. She was reading the books,
"Hop On Pop"
"Caps For Sale"

the other day.

She can read - so can we just call it a day and get this thing called "Summer" started already.

Oh, wait, I forgot.

Ro is spending the next 6 weeks preparing for her Kindergarten graduation.
I guess she needs to be in school for that.

So as the weather gets nicer and my kids go more stir crazy inside a school building learning more of things they already know, and come home and take out their frustration on each other and subsequently me, it begs the question,



Stick a fork in me,

because I am definitely done.

I am so done, it may need to be a pitchfork.

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Anonymous said...

No love on this one...WTF??..... I am having a mamas happy hour marathon.....can u tell?
Why r u begging for summer to begin crazylady??? Because along w summer comes the days where camp hasn't started yet and your kids are hanging w you ALL day. Those r the days from hell!!! I mean, we all LOVE our kids, but really....

Miss S.